SDFS Maighdean is the lead-ship of the Maighdean-class Missile Cruisers and one of the three cruisers of her type in service with the SDF-Navy. Despite her size, she was never a contender to take the honour of being flagship of the SDF-Navy from SDFS Rhiannon.


Building and Commissioning (2013-2018)

In 2017, she was starting on her shakedown cruises and assigned to the 1st Cruiser Squadron, made her flagship.

Service (2018-today)

Maighdean was commissioned in 2018, with Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath still in command. She made her last shakedowns in the waters between the Oileánra-Archipelago and the Mainland, homeported in Wembury. There, she took aboard parts of the future crew of SDFS Bruinneall, her sister-ship, for a trip around the block.

While the SDF-Navy Fleet Command was contemplating to sent her along for the ride that was Operation Spartacus, she stayed at home due to her being needed as a training vessel for the future crews of SDFS Bruinneall and SDFS Cailín, her sister-ships. With the start of the shakedown cruises of these two vessels in early 2019, Maighdean was relegated to patrol duties again.

In the Autumn of 2019, Maighdean found herself used as a training vessel, making a training cruise with Year 2 Ensigns of the Naval School aboard. Among them were Fiona Bláth of the Tribe of Wexford and Kayla Urchair of the Tribe of Sligo. During this Cadet Cruise, she attended the 2019 Port Ember Navy Day Celebrations. When the 2020 Ferinan-Archipelago Crisis broke out in February 2020, Maighdean was on the way home, being rerouted to provide escort duties to neutral shipping in the area. The cadets onboard were handed over to the cruise liner Colm, which carried them back home safely.

Upon returning home in April, the Maighdean was loaded with new ensigns of the Naval School and dispatched towards Fuso for the fleet review as part of the Commemoration Festival of the 400th Anniversary of the Anglo-Fuso Alliance, Captain Trodaí commanding her again. She is expected to return home in October.

Important Crew Members

Ensigns - 2019 Cruise

Ensigns - 2020 Cruise


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