SDFS Rhiannon was a Rhiannon-class Light Cruiser commissioned in 1928 as part of the Naval Armament Program of 1922. She was the type-ship of her class and of the Female Rhiannon-class Subgroup.


Planning and construction

Lutetiian Counters

First Service Time and First Service Upgrade (1928-1944)

Second Service Time and Second Service Upgrade (1946-1968)

Third Service Time as a Helicopter Carrier (1972-1985)

School Ship and Decommissioning (1989-1996)

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Shipgirl SDFS Rhiannon, Rhiannon-class Light Cruiser, as she appears in Of Ships and Girls and Shipgirls.

SDFS Rhiannon
makes a personified appearance in the RP Of Ships and Girls and Shipgirls.
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