Saida Adib is a Kyrenaian Handmaiden and Personal Handmaiden of Princess Fara bint-Dardan, accompanying her on multiple occasions of state and aiding her in her learning, for example by quizzing her. On the side, Saida is also a gifted player of the Oud and dancer.

Saida is also a fully-trained member of the Akhur House of the Tabardariyya.


Ever since she first saw Handmaidens at a demonstration of their skills at the open house day of the Tabardariyya's Akhur House in Megido in 1993, she wanted to become a Handmaiden. She tried for the Al-Khansa Girls' Academy in Megido, but was not accepted as she didn't have a good enough test result.

Not one to give up on her dream, Saida graduated in 2004 and was drafted into Service, serving with the 6th Armoured Brigade as the loader on an Alsuyuf III Main Battle Tank. In 2006, she was placed into the Reserve, then joined a Handmaiden Academy for fulfilling her dream. There, she was mostly noted for her tenacity and perfectionism, which pushed her through.

As she had finished her education and training as a Handmaiden after two years, she was allowed to join the Handmaiden Corps of the Palace of the Ruby Hall in Megido in 2008. After another year as a trainee and novice, she was accepted as a full-fledged Handmaiden as part of the Musical Corps, playing at all sorts of festivities and concerts.

In 2014, Saida was assigned to Princess Fara bint-Dardan, who was freshly returning from her Service and began her studies at the University of Megido. She was in Danceria during the Convocation of Crowns in the September of 2018, but had been shaken off by both her charge and her boyfriend, which, as it resulted in her charge getting almost killed, shamed her far deeper then it normally would. Only Fara's own intervention with Captain Sayalmub saved her bacon from being ostracized.

In 2019, almost a year later, she was in Teressien during the 2019 Ball at Schloss Zyng.


Known for her Perfectionism and Tenacity, Saida

Personal Relations

Princess Fara bint-Dardan

Saida is fiercely loyal to Fara, but also has reached the point, where she sees Fara's mistakes and speaks openly with her about them - openly in private.

Saida also advised Fara in the matters of males, most famously in the matters of King Aceus of Danceria -

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