Sailing Vessels, for a long time, played an important part in Kyrenaian Culture and way of life, both for trade, conquest, getting food and exploration.

Lateen Sails were a staple

Up to the second Kyrenaian Civil War (- 163 CE)

Rise of the Sultanate (163 - 942)

Into the Golden Age (942 - 1463)

Third Civil War (1463 - 1632)

Colonial Empire under Sails (1632 - 1784)


The Bagala-Type is characterized by the curved prow and the sleek profile, a bit like a sword, which cuts through the water. Usually, these vessels are between 30 and 40 metres long, crewed by around 40 sailors. Lateen Sails propel the vessel forwards, them being usually used as fast transports and warships, but are nowadays usually found as recreational vessels. A more ornamental characteristic of the Bagala-Type is the ornate carvings, which usually adorn the stern.

The Sayarfur is a Bagala-Type Vessel.



A Jaras-Type Sailing Vessel, early Type - still with oars and oarsmen.

The Jaras-Type was a type of vessel, which can be traced back into the Golden Age: Originally developed as a coastal trading vessel, the Jaras-Type had oarsmen, which fell away during the Third Civil War. They were, due to their speed and wide beam, they were used as merchantmen and warships, with the latter application preferred by corsairs and pirates.

They were characterized by the long bowsprit and overhanging stern. They had two to three masts, with the main mast upright and the one closest to the bow slightly offset towards the bow. They were usually lighter then 200 tons, although more modern Jaras-Type vessels can be heavier then that. Their beam was wide, but the bottom usually flat, which caused problems during the times of the Colonial Empire, confining them mostly to coastal areas.

Sailing in decline (1784 - 1900)

In 1784, the first working steam engine was installed onto a vessel. It proved, although still highly experimental and not really useful, as a game-changer in the long run.

Recreational Sailing (1900 to today)

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