Samira Tanqulia is a Student at the Haram Girls' Academy and an active practitioner of Mobility Archery. In the 2019 Season, she was even the Sergeant responsible for the Mobility Archery Team. Her horse's name is Thawraas, Oxhead.


Samira was born in 2003 in Sinope as daughter of the commanding officer of Armoured Reconnaissance Company of the 72nd Armoured Brigade, Captain Mahmut Tanquila, and his wife Samira. She is the oldest of four children.

She had a rather unassuming educational career until she turned 13 in 2016.

During the seven years of elementary school, she also discovered her love for horses and her talent in riding, more by accident then by design, in 2010: She and her mother had a car breakdown near a horsebreeding ranch on their way to Meninx, where her Father's Brigade returned from a tour abroad. While her mother went to get help, some of the farmhands invited Samira to try her hand at riding one of the younger and wilder horses. Samira, egged on by the farmhands, tried her hand after observing, that he was literally afraid of his own shadow. Speaking to him soothingly, turning him towards the sun so that the shadow was out of view, taming the colt in the process. When her mother returned, she was surprised to see her daughter charging up and down the ranch on her newfound friend, whom she named Thawraas, Oxhead. The owner gifted the colt to her and arranged for its transport to Sinope.

In 2016, Samira tried out for the HGA's entrance exam, which she passed. Although part of the final selection of the Tribute, she was not chosen and joined the Horseman Team of the HGA, at the time being reformed by a young Princess by the name of Aurelia bint-Damir. Samira, although trying out all activities, soon found her love with Mobility Archery and received the training well. She brought home her first trophy in 2017.

When her team leader, since 2014 actually her Sergeant, graduated in 2017, Samira was asked, whether or not she would be up for the job and accepted. Since the 2017-Season, Samira led the Mobility Archery Team, not exactly from victory to victory, but close enough. She presented even one Golden Trophy, of the Nasia Cup, to the Sultana.

In 2018, she was part of the Horseman Escort during several state visits. In 2019, she was heavily wounded in the 2019 Al'Arz Terrorist Attack by a shrapnel cut to the throat, not bleeding out due to Princess Aurelia bint-Damir pressing a handkerchief against her throat until paramedics took care of it.

She attended the 2019 Aftershow Party of the Archipelago Shooting.

Samira is set to graduate in 2022, after which she is (as of now) unsure as to what to do after her Service.


Personal Relations

Soraya Geal

Much like Soraya, Samira is a military brat, but in her case, its the Army.

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