The Sayarfur is a sailing yacht owned and operated by Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia, who uses her in his own free time. She is mainly built of wood and his personal favourite vessel.


In the 2017 Summer Break, Crown Prince Ilia used her as a 'mobile classroom' to teach his niece, Princess Aurelia bint-Damir (by then already the proud owner of the Harira), and a few friends of her class of HGA-students how to sail a vessel, a lecture, which they all agreed to as summer activity. Later, Princess Aurelia would use knowledge for her trip to the UIS in 2018.

Since that summer, the HGA's Sailing Club spends two weeks on her in order to gather practical experience in operating a ship like her.

Later in 2018, she made the trip to Sinope for the Sinope 2018 Harbour Festival, where she was crewed by sailors of the HGA, amongst them Laila Mithal.


The Sayarfur is a 36 metres long Bagala-Type Sailing Ship, characteristically being the curved prow and the sleek profile, a bit like a sword. Characteristic for these vessel are also the ornate carving on the stern and the quarter galleries.


Length: 36 metres

Displacement: 315 tons

Masts: 2

Sails 4, three lanteen sails, one jib at the bowsprit

Crew: 35 men

Maximum speed: 12 knots in favourable conditions


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