The Scarlet Eagle State Visit to Kyrenaia was a state visit of the Emperor of the Empire of the Scarlet Eagle, Anaximander the Scarlet  Blachkov, his wife, Empress Anna the Scarlet, and their entourage of the Colonels Morozov, which began on the 2nd of July 2018 and lasted for four days.

It differed very much from the State Visit of Duchess Marcella and Princess Gisella several months before as the mood was not as happy and the Kyrenaians held many things against the Imperial Couple.

In May 2019, it was proposed and accepted to retcon the old IC, which can be found here and to start anew. The new IC is here. As of the 1st of February 2020, both RPs were retconned.


After the Va'a Mamao Incident, the Sultanate of Kyrenaia and the Empire of the Scarlet Eagle entered a diplomatic ice age. The reason for that were tourists trapped on Va'a Mamao during the occupation and although they were repatriated, they told stories about the occupation, some of which were true, some of which were denied, some of which were outright false.

The Sultanate of course did not like the spreading of lies and baseless accusations (even those, which were true, but which were denied by the Kyrenaian Government), combined with sabre-rattling, and carted the Scarlet Eagle Tourists home without any comment.

The visit was offered during the Camelonian Royal Wedding on the 25th of May.




Time Planned
Day 1, Morning Reception at Utica International Airport, Transport of the Emperor and his delegation to Olbia (Baed Palace, Summer Seat of the Sultana) by the Armies of the Five Deserts
Day 1, Midday Arrival and acclimatisation, lunch with the Sultana
Day 1, Afternoon Further acclimatisation, maybe tea
Day 1, Evening Dinner with the Sultana and Khana Amina bint-Karim, plus additional guests, after that, a Soirée with a variety of guests
Day 2, Morning Anaximander: Business Anna: Visit to the Kitab High School to talk about the Empire, give a lesson about it to students of Class 2-C.
Day 2, Midday Lunch with Khana Amina bint-Karim and Princess Marla bint-Amina.
Day 2, Afternoon Anaximander: Further Business Anna: Visit to the Princess Liana Gallery in Oea
Day 2, Evening Fundraiser Event for Children with Mental Disabilities
Day 3, Morning Transfer to the Yacht Aurelia
Day 3, Midday Lunch aboard Aurelia, small 'cruise around the block'
Day 3, Afternoon Watching of the Oea Air Racing Grand Prix from the deck of the Aurelia, awards ceremony aboard the Yacht
Day 3, Evening Staying at Sea overnight
Day 4, Morning Packing up, moving back to Utica by the Sultan's Navy
Day 4, Midday Final farewells, departure

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Important involved Kyrenaian Characters


Plan of the old visit

Day Original Plan Adapted plan after the passing of Aaron, Ilkhan of Kyrene.
1 Reception at Utica International by Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris, trip to the Palace of the Azure Hall by carriage, escort by TBA and HGA. Reception at Utica International, trip to the Palace of the Azure Hall by carriage under escort
1 Official reception by the Court of the Azure Hall and the Sultana. Official reception cancelled
1 Introduction to the Quarters, the Quarters of the Lone Tree, and their attendants there Introduction to the Quarters of the Lone Tree and the attendants
1 Break usable for acclimatization (including the possibility to visit one of the Hammam of the Palace) Break usable for acclimatization
1 18:00 - Dinner with the Sultana, Prince Okan ibn-Dardan, Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and Princess Dschamila bint-Fadi. 18:00 - Dinner with the Sultana and other guests
1 20:00 - Ball in Honour of the Reception of the Scarlet Emperor and the Scarlet Empress (TBA Big Band, Guest List below) 21:00 - Concert of the TBA Big Band
2 Visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for diplomatic talks, with Vizier Hassan ben Sahid, Crown Prince Ilia and Admiral Mawja. Diplomatic talks with Vizier Hassan ben Sahid, Crown Prince Ilia and Admiral Mawja at the Palace of the Azure Hall
2 Lunch at the Al'Arz (0 stars, but many recommendations)

Visit to the Haram Girls' Academy for Empress Anna and to the Tabar Boys' Academy for Emperor Anaximander, attending the After School Activities:

The Empress is planned to watch the Mounted Falconry Squadron's activities, including tending to a bird
The Emperor is planned to get a close look at the Literature Club

Visit to HGA and TBA:

Empress Anna is planned to visit the HGA's Mounted Falconry Squadron
Emperor Anaximander is planned to spent time with the Literature Club
2 Attendance at a fundraiser concert of the Combined Orchestra of TBA and HGA (funds are raised for the establishment of a clinic in Jazirat Alshahwa) Funraiser Concert of the Combined Orchestra, list of songs adapted to the tastes of Aaron-Ilkhan, same cause
3 Visit to the Barley and Sorghum Research Institute (BASRI) in Caralis, transport there via plane sponsored by the Royal Kyrenaian Navy, early lift off Trip to Oea for a relaxing day at the Beach (OBE - Obligatory Beach Episode)
3 Lunch with Khan Khalid ibn-Faisal and Prince Tarek ibn-Khalid at the Qithar Lunch and Restaurant (0 stars, but many recommendations)
3 Visit to the Caralis Zoo in the afternoon
3 Caralis Fireworks Festival
4 Hangover and farewells by midday Hangover and farewells by midday

Planned Guest List for the Ball

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