Many students in Nouvelle-Dunkerque wear school uniforms at the latest from Middle School. They are seen as an integral part of the School in Nouvelle-Dunkerque. due to the warm climate, Nouvelle-Dunkerque only has one set of uniforms and no winter-uniforms.


The first 'school uniforms' are older then the school system, going back to the monastery attached to the Église de Saint-Pierre le Naufragé, founded in 700. The students at the monastery school were dressed in tunics and robes by the monks, as a sign, that they were entering the ranks of the knowledgeable.


School Uniforms in N-D 01

A young man and a young woman in the school uniforms of the Mouette Lycée.

While there are a variety of styles, including the iconic sailor suit,

School Swimsuit

School Swimsuits are universally dark blue, one-piece swimsuits for girls, briefs for boys.


Sweater Vests


Students of the Lycée Saint André pour Filles in their distinctive uniforms. From left: Joselin Aco, Goedele Fornel and Carlla Goudot.

The Sweater Vest Style is especially far-spread among the schools in the eastern half of the country, with the Lycée Saint André pour Filles in Municipalité de St. Madeleine being the most famous.
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