Many schools in the Free Lands have school uniforms.

Some hand them out upon entrance, some hand them out as awards for outstanding achievements in academic, personal or athletic fields in the name of the school, one example being the Ais Boarding School Complex of Silverport.



Girls' School Uniforms are usually called the Culaith mHairnéalaigh, or sailor suit, as many model remind people of the sailor suits worn by the sailors of the Fleet of the Merchant Guild of Leuda, back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Colour Codes, cuts and exact properties vary much amongst the schools in the Free Lands, but there are three distinctive styles to see: The actual Culaith mHairnéalaigh, the Blazer and the Blouse.

Culaith mHairnéalaigh

The iconic sailor-suit,

In winter, students are usually permitted to bring overcoats with them.


In summer, most schools allow to leave the blazer at home.


The Blouse Style differs from the Culaith mHairnéalaigh by the absence of a sailor collar. Other then that, both styles are rather similar to each other.

Blouse Uniforms are usually worn on the islands of the Archipelago.




Cabá-Style or Collar-Style are often likened to military uniforms, most specifically SDF-Navy Blue Dress, and there are indeed parallels. Usually either black or dark blue, these uniforms with standing collars and and top-down buttoning and straight pants are iconic to many High and Middle School Students.

Culaith mHairnéalaigh

Some schools also equip their boys with sailor suits, which are called Culaith mHairnéalaigh as well. Much like the female version, it is allowed to bring an overcoat during winter. Caps are optional.


The Sweater-Style School Uniforms are mostly characterized by the sweater and tie


Swim- and Sportswear


Five girls of the Iris Boarding School Complex in Sports Uniforms. From left: Nolwenn Cúntóir of the Tribe of Wexford, Brenda Tiúin of the Tribe of Monaghan, Aife Lárnach of the Tribe of Cork, Asteria Vena, Liv Athchnag of the Tribe of Louth.

Some schools also make the swim- and sportswear of their students a uniform matter. Usually, this mandatory swim- and sportswear consists of a shirt and a one-piece swimsuit underneath for girls and a shirt and swimming trunks for boys.

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