School has always been one of the most important matters the Kyrenaian Monarchs adressed and concerned themselves with, seeing, in the words of Sultan Mehmet the Wise (948-1022), "a well-educated youth is the adornment of every Lord."

Starting with Middle School, students have to wear school uniforms until graduation from High School. The School Year lasts from Mid-October to Mid-June, except for in Jalid, where the school year starts in April and ends in November. The school day begins at six in the morning, lasts until twelve, has a break over midday, and continues from two o'clock p.m. until open-end with After-School Activities (for example sports teams or the school orchestra).


1018: Sultan Mehmet the Wise establishes the HGA and the TBA.

1428: Aurelia the Wise establishes compulsory school attendance in the Ilkhanate of Utica.

1960: Foundation of the Boy- and Girlscout Movement of Kyrenaia by Aaron, the Ilkhan of Kyrene. Although not part of the educational system, it takes an important place as a social and educational qualification.

School Types

Pre-Elementary (up to 6)

It is not mandatory to bring children into Pre-Elementary Education, 

Elementary (6-13)

Middle School (13-16)

Students reaching the 13th year of their life are usually sent to Middle School, Almadrasat Almutawasita in Kyrenaian, where they become AA-1s, usually called Cherries, karz. They formally have their debut during that year during the Dance of the Cherries and thus formally introduced into society, the girls earning the right to be called yaghib, Miss, and the boys earning the right to be called shabab, Youngling (the only exception of that are carriers of titles, like Princes, who are still formally addressed as Prince ...).

Middle School is also the time, where the students have to start wearing school uniforms.

The Old Academies select their Tributes amongst the Cherries.

High School (16-19)

High School is the next highest level, Aljamnazium in Kyrenaian. 

The Old Academies

The Old Academies, HGA, TBA and so on, 

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