School in Nouvelle-Dunkerque is one of most important concerns of the government, with high budgets and higher demands of both students, teachers and theorists. The school year starts on the first Monday after Epithany and ends on the last Friday of August. Students in Nouvelle-Dunkerque wear school uniforms.

Although there are co-ed schools, the majority of schools starting with Middle School is either boys or girls only.


The System

In total, the students stay 13 years in school.

Pre-School: Maternelle

Although not mandatory, 71 percent of all enrolments into elementary school in 2015 had previous educational experience with the Maternelle.

Elementary School: École Élémentaire

Enrolment age into Elementary School is 6 with students leaving after 4 years, usually 10 years old.

Middle School: Collège

Students stay at Middle School for four years, usually from ages 10 to 14.

High School: Lycée

Graduation from High School is achieved after five years, these ages lasting from 14 to 19.

One of the Lycées with the highest reputation in all of Nouvelle-Dunkerque is the Lycée Saint André pour Filles, LSAF for short.

Higher education and apprenticeships

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