The Selkie Wiki

Teressien has a long-standing educational system with four branches. The school year usually begins on the first Monday of Septembre and ends on the last Friday of July.

Students wear school uniforms.


Kinds of Schools

1st branch: Normal Way

The normal way begins, on average, at age 6 with elementary school, which is usually left at age 12 in favour of a secondary school: Gymnasium, which lasts until age 19, or Real-Gymnasium, which lasts until age 16.

One of the most elitist Gymnasiums is the Baronin Wilrun Mädchengymnasium in Birktopia, founded in 1826. It also doubles as a Boarding School. Many of the Female Royalty of Teressien went to that school.

2nd branch: 

3rd branch: Cadet Schools

The Fürstliche Streitkräfte operate three Cadet Schools, in Port Monee (the Kadettenanstalt Port Monee), in Barschenberg and in Schwarzsteyn, which offer schooling 

4th branch: 

University or Apprenticeship

After graduation, usually with 19, the student can decide whether or not to go to university or to make an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship usually takes three to four years with a final examination before one can call oneself a Master.

Part-Time Apprenticeship

Students, who discover their wish-occupation before their graduation have the option to start a Part-Time Apprenticeship aside from school, where they can learn, from their 16th Year to their Graduation, the foundations of their chosen occupation before they begin the actual apprenticeship after their graduation, saving about a year in their apprenticeship.

However, the law stipulates, that the marks of the student/trainee in question in the report card may not fall under the mark of four, which means a passing grade, in any subject. Should that happen, or the teachers learn about any undue stress being placed onto the student, they can put a pause to the Part-Time Apprenticeship, which would be taken up again after the grades got better again.