• Displacement: 425 tonnes
  • Length: 57 metres
  • Beam: 8 metres
  • Draft: 2 metres
  • Propulsion: 3x diesel engines with 2130kW/each
  • Maximum Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h)
  • Range: 5,556 km (3,000 nmi)
  • Complement: 23 officers, 18 seamen
  • Sensors and processing systems: Radar, Sonar, Navigation Radar, 2 Fire Control Radars
  • Electronic warfare & decoys: Multi Ammunition Softkill System, enhanced ESM-suit
  • Armament: 2x 40mm dual purpose guns, 6x SAMs, 2x 23-cells RAM, 3 hedgehogs, 4 rails for mines and depth charges

The domestically produced Sciath-class Corvette was, in its time, a new design for the Navy, built in the 90s to replace the Nocht-class Corvettes and the Cleanóiril-class Sloops. They are general purpose escort ships, specialized in protecting own units from a great many of dangers.

Like their contemporaries, the Claíohm-class Frigates, the Sciath-class corvettes are currently in the process of being phased out, currently being relegated to 'rear services', such as escorting the vessels of the Oiler Groups.

Currently in service:

Sunk at the Battle of Marley Bay:

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