Sealgaire-Group is the name of the first 'Carrier Battlegroup' of the SDF-Navy, centered around SDFS Sealgaire and established in 2015. Commanding officer of the group is Commodore Donnchadh 'Donny' Guairneánach of the Tribe of Wexford aboard SDFS Sealgaire.

The group is composed of the following vessels and units:


2018 Joint Exercises with the Mediaman Royal Navy

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In 2018, just prior to the Group's deployment to Falmart in order to support Operation Spartacus, the Sealgaire-Group and 1st Frigate Squadron conducted joint exercises with the Mediaman Royal Navy, and their Naval Task Force for Operation Spartacus. Main points of the training were exercises in compatability between the naval forces and ASW-Training, with two landing exercises being conducted as well. Troops of the Regiment of SDF-Navy Troopers landed from HMS LSS-73, while Royal Marines landed via Pattern 502 Landing Craft carried by SDFS Sealgaire.

After the exercises concluded, Commodore Guairneánach praised the spirit of friendly competition and cooperation between both naval forces, while his Mediaman counterpart remarked upon the high degree of professionalism of the SDF-Navy Forces in the exercise. Both fleet detachments would later go on to participate in Operation Spartacus' Naval Operations.

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