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The Second Vellenge War was an armed conflict between The Free Lands of the Selkie and The Confederated City-States of Lutetii over Mount Vellenge and the surrounding islands in 1983.

For the orders of battle, see Orders of Battle for the Second Vellenge War.

Background: First Vellenge War

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Background: Mount Vellenge

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The Invasion of the Islands

Occupation and what to do against it

Meanwhile, emboldened by their success, the Lutetiian High Command was dusting off old war plans - including War Plan Gold and Operation Volto, the planned invasion of Shella. However, such plans were quickly dismissed when the Kyrenaian Ambassador in Zalonaro made it quite clear, that Kyrenaia would intervene, whether the Selkie liked it or not, should Lutetiian Aggression continue.

Operation Summer Sun

The Utica Peace Accords

While the Vellenge Archipelago remained with the Free Lands, it is international territory.

One important part of the Utica Peace Accords was the dismantling of all nuclear weapons in possession of either party, overseen by Kyrenaian troops. Carrying capacities, like the Sciathán Seachmall Fighter-Bomber, were not touched.


The children of officers and men of the SDF dying in the war were known as the gan athair, the Fatherless, although enough mothers died as well. One of them was Celina Reathaí of the Tribe of Westmeath.

In 2010, a bit of a thawing began in the relations between the Selkie and Lutettii, which is looking good so far.