The Selkie are the ethnic group mostly populating the Free Lands or living in Diaspora all around the world, mostly identified with the nation and culture of the Selkie.

The modern Selkie defines him- or herself by the allegiance to a Tribe, building on top of that on their relation and common descent with the other Tribes, in opposition to those, who belong to no Tribe - "Clan's Duty, Tribe's Duty, Land's Duty", as the old phrase goes. On top of that, the language and the culture (including myths, legends, stories, and the history related to that, songs, religion) play important parts. Geography, due to the enourmous size of the Lands of the Selkie (or the Free Lands) and the Diaspora has no part in identity formation.

Aside from humans, there are also the Spiorad Ainmhithe, Animal Spirits, which are counted as Selkie.


Mythical Version

Archaeological Evidence

Further History

'On the Topic of a Selkie-Nation'

'On the Topic of a Selkie-Nation' was a book written from 1856 to 1860 by Finnegan Náisiúnaí of the Tribe of Wexford, a political theorist, on that exact topic: The nation of the Selkie, how it would look in several options, how it would have to be achieved, organized and defended.

He tried to define as Selkie as someone, "[...] who's parents were Selkie, who sings the songs, who honours the Gods, who commands the horse with the reins and who's dagger doesn't sit too loose." Hsi argument was, that a Selkie-Nation defined itself by the descent, the language, the religion and the culture.


Citizenship and Legal Residence

Citizenship, nationality, ethnicity

Selkie in Diaspora


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The Selkie follow their own culture and cults,

People of Song and Dance

Selkie call themselves people of Song and Dance, or in Selkie Daoine in Amhráin agus Damhsaí,

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