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Selkie have a long-standing tradition of serving as mercenaries in the armed forces of whatever entity could pay them. Especially renown for their Light Cavalry and the Marcach,

Most Selkie-Mercenaries work under the authority of the Mercenary Guild of Redruth. Despite some private companies hiring out personell, for example the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited, this hiring still goes over the Guild's Authority.


The Dawn of the Mercenary Companies - 9th century

During the 9th century, during the Raiders' Golden Age, many of the raider groups offered their services to the lords and ladies of the cities and beyond to hunt and destroy other raider groups -

Around 840, the first raiders are recruited by foreign lords

Foundation of the Mercenary Guild - 1170

It is a little known fact, that the reformation of the Treaty of Leuda, which formed the Merchant Guild of Leuda, also facilitated the formation of a central authority for hiring authority, mainly because the merchants needed and wanted such an authority in order to have an easier time recruiting mercenaries for their escorts of trade convoys and the protection of their trading posts, for example of those in Lillorainen. It also facilitated easier business for foreign hiring authorities.

In 1170, the Mercenary Guild of Redruth was formed.

The Crusade

Making a Name for themselves

The Guild requires Services

In 1615, Liam the Red took Mount Vellenge as part of the First Vellenge War, which had been initiated by the MGoL, unofficially, to clear the trade routes in the area.

In 1652, Liam the Red mustered the troops involved in the Lagrachán-War.

Blue Guard

Actress Mara Coimeádaí of the Tribe of Tipperary, in uniform of the Blue Guard, with a Gabha-Carbine-Rifle. Costume and dress is for the 2020-Movie Guard of Blue and Horse (movie).

The Blue Guard was a

On the Seas: Versus the Seehandlungsgesellschaft and other competition

19th century

20th and 21st centuries

List of modern Mercenary Companies