The Selkie Wiki

Selkie love to transmit a variety of lessons, stories and cultural matters via proverbs, which they have developed and refined into shared cultural landscape, 

List of popular proverbs

  • Before you go to war, know, what you are fighting for - and know, what you are paying us for.
Going back to the times, when Selkie were popular mercenaries due to their prowess as Light and Medium Cavalry, this proverb is seen as a tale of cautioning the receiving side to make sure, that they know and understand, what they are about to do and why. And what they paid their Selkie-Mercenaries for. In 2019, it became the leitmotif for a song by the band Dísréad, on the Album Dhá Chrann don Ghrá, named Sula dtéann tú chun cogaidh... (Before you go to war...).
  • Ar aghaidh! Chuig briseadh!
Onwards! Towards Battle! An old battlecry, nowadays also used outside of the realm of warfare, for example before tests. Onwards! Towards the Examination!
  • If you have the luck to be a Selkie, you indeed are lucky.
  • Even the mightiest castles were built stone by stone.
  • Respecting another person's laws means peace.
Originally from a wise man from a foreign nation, this proverb was adopted by the Elder Council as their go-to message, when they want to say, that they do not wish to interfere in another countries legal procedures, just give a friendly advice about how they see things.
(OOC: "El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz." - Benito Juarez.)
  • Truth hurts more, when it comes from beautiful lips.
  • A law without teeth is nice suggestion.
  • Slowness of Being beats Rapidity of Life.
A proverb, which could serve well with teaching tourists how the Free Lands work: Not fast and rapid, but slow and a bit laid-back, a rhythm of seeding and harvesting, not accellerated by the steady beat of machines, but by the blacksmith's hammer falling onto a piece of glowing steel, a horse's clops onto pavement and accentuated by the chatter of people with each other.
  • Neither sword nor plow care, if the hand touching them is soft or strong.
  • Those, who think they are important, are the least important.
  • Song and Dance are the innermost reflections of the soul.
  • It is a third of the work to begin.
  • You can get to know a Selkie rather easily - but to know him is a different thing.
  • A child stumbles when it learns to walk.