The Selkie Defence Force, SDF for short, are the armed forces of the Free Lands of the Selkie. With two major branches, the SDF-Army and the SDF-Navy,


1920 - Foundation

The First Decades

Abhcan's Little Daggers

Humanitarian Mission of the SDF to Kupandukira (1965-1975)

Yard Crisis

The Second Vellenge-War

The Tense Peace

Expeditionary Warfare

Battle of Marley Bay

Niochan Army Reforms

In response to the catastrophic losses of the SDF in the Battle of Marley Bay, primarily a naval engagement, the SDF realized, that their notions of fighting were outdated, so a series of reforms was worked out and implemented in 2017 - the Niochan Army Reforms, named after their initiator and Head of SDF-Army General Command, Lieutenant General Finn Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork.


Operation Spartacus

Command and Organization

Commanded by SDF-Command are both branches of the SDF, as well as SDF-Intelligence, the Military Police (the Blue Berets), the Council Guard Regiment and several other, smaller institutions. Political leadership of the SDF is provided by a department of the SDF-Command's Staff.

Supreme Commander of the SDF is General Ferris Taoiseach of the Tribe of Antrim, his Aide-de-Camp and Chief of Staff is Commodore Gavin Iascaire of the Tribe of Galway.

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Ongoing Operations

Training Operations

Peacekeeping Operations

Combat Operations


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The SDF is mostly equipped by domestic suppliers, chiefly amongst them Gabha Blacksmiths Limited, Silverport Dockyards Limited and Bicíní Industries.



See: Uniforms of the SDF-Army and Uniforms of the SDF-Navy

Ranks and Rank Structure

Rank, SDF-Army Rank, SDF-Navy NATO-Code Notes
General Admiral OF-9 Only one
Lieutenant General Vice-Admiral OF-8
Brigadier Commodore OF-6
Colonel Captain OF-5
Lieutenant Colonel Commander OF-4
Major Lieutenant Commander OF-3
Captain Watch-Commander OF-2
Lieutenant Lieutenant OF-1
Ensign Ensign OF(D)
Officer-Cadet Officer-Cadet OF(D) Not to be confused with the Cadets of the Naval School.
Chief Master Sergeant Master Chief Petty Officer OR-8 A.k.a. Master Chief.
Master Sergeant Chief Petty Officer OR-7
Sergeant Petty Officer OR-6
Chief Corporal Chief Master Seaman OR-4
Corporal Master Seaman OR-3
Private Able Seaman OR-2
Trooper Seaman OR-1


As usual per Selkie-custom, women are included in all positions and occupations of the SDF, as neither sword, nor plow, and least of all rifle care, if the hand touching them is strong or soft. This had been the case since the foundation of the SDF and even before.


The SDF, officers and men alike, salute by balling their fists, tapping their chests twice where their heart is.


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