Selkie and horses

The Selkie-term for horse is capall in general, with the breeds often added.


Role in Cult and Culture

Each year, for the Spring Festival, the Selkie offer a total of six horses as sacrafices to their Gods. This Spring Sacrafice is the highest religious ceremony of the Selkie.

The Winged Horse - Capall Sciathán

Rhiannons Beasts

Selkie-Horses with Horse Armour, during the shoot for Orcadach's Fiddle - to the far right, a Winged Horse.

The Winged Horse, in Selkie Cult and Culture, has a special place, known as Capall Sciathán, literally Horse with Wings. It is, traditionally, not a warhorse, but a symbol for bardic and poetic freedom, the poet and bard soaring on its back, but is also sometimes seen as a symbol for wisdom and philosophy.


Móinteán, the One from the Moorlands

  • Colours: Black, no markings
  • Height: 135 to 145 centimetres
  • Uses: Draught, riding
  • Characteristics: Strength, hardiness, stamina, endurance, courage, intelligence, calm and kind disposition, feathered legs (abundant and silky), straight and broad between the eyes, fine muzzle, incurving ears, very muscular and strong-boned legs, broad and deep ribcage

Preferred horse amongst the 'normal' Selkie-Riders and tourists as they can be used for long-distance rides by nearly everyone and can carry a lot of weight (or draw it) over all kinds of terrain

Native to the moorlands

Bratach Ríoga, the Royal Standard

  • Colours: Grey, Brown, Chestnut, Bay, Palomino, Buckskin, Black
  • Height, 130 to 150 cm on average
  • Uses: Sports- and war-pony, long-distance riding
  • Characteristics: Strong back, hind and loins, laid-back shoulders, good bone, refined jawline, solid cheekbone, short ears, intelligent, large and kind eyes. Powerful and feathered legs, temperament, hardy and sturdy.

Geal, the White

  • Colours: Usually brown with mealy markings, white markings allowed
  • Height: 120 to 135 centimetres on average
  • Uses: Driving (including as pit-ponies), long-distance riding
  • Characteristics: Deep chest, broad back, hardy, thick mane and tail, thick fur with an oily upper layer and a wooly lower layer, feathered legs, fleshy eyelids. Ideal for the Northern Islands and Icy Shore.

Mór, the Large One

  • Colours: Black, Bay, Chestnut, Grey
  • Height: 163 to 173 centimetres on average
  • Uses: Draught horses for heaviest of loads, forestry
  • Characteristics: Heavy, feathered legs, shoulders deep and wide, slightly arched and long neck, easy-going temperament

Capall Cogaidh, the Warhorse

  • Colours: Bay, black, chestnut, brown
  • Height: 145 to 155 centimetres
  • Uses: Warhorse, sports horse
  • Characteristics: Long endurance, powerful front end, high withers, short back, sloping croup, low tail, hardy, clean legs, sound hooves, not good at gaiting but very good at sprinting

Originally Kyrenaian Light Cavalry (known there as Eada, Sprinter), came back with Mercenaries

Garda Onóra, the Honour Guard

  • Colours: Brown, Black
  • Height: 150 to 175 centimetres
  • Uses: Police, civilian further use differs, usually draught
  • Characteristics: Speed and endurance, calm and tough, slightly arched and muscular neck, long and sloping shoulders, deep but not overly broad chest, short and compact back, muscular croup with powerful hindquarters, clean legs

Breed of choice of the City Guards and Police, many found their ways into civilian lifes, crossbreed of Capall Cogaidh and Mór

Oileánach, the Islander

  • Colours: Black, chestnut, bay.
  • Height: 70 to 110 centimentres
  • Uses: Draught, children's riding ponies (including therapeutic riding), petting zoos.
  • Characteristics: Feathering, sturdy built, thick coat, small heads, very gentle, quite intelligent, very strong. Good children's ponies.

Developed on Shella Island for Islander Use.

Famous Horses and breeders


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