Selkie and Marriage is a topic deeply engraved in Selkie-Paganism.


Holy Rites

To symbolize the engagement of two people, they usually wear a silken thread around the ring finger.

Selkie-Weddings are usually small ceremonies, following a night spent by the couple together, deep in prayer. Most often, they pray to Rhiannon, Cion and Searc. The couple may then chose up to two witnesses, finnéachti, usually close friends to both bride and groom,


Although uncommon, there have always been provisions for divorces within the Marriage-Rites.

Homosexual Marriage

Homosexual marriage is completely legal and has always been accepted as a possibility.

The Bainis

The Bainis is the holiest ceremony of the Selkie, quite public as well, 


Old Marriage

New Marriage

New Marriage is a form coming up since around the 2000s, which means, that neither spouse changes name or Tribe upon marriage. At first, it had been highly frowned upon. A popular example is the marriage between Finnegan Drisiúr of the Tribe of Cork and Eithne Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Monaghan.

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