Selkie and Music go hand in hand, an integral part of the culture of the Selkie.

Although the cliche of all Selkie having mastered an instrument is a bit too much, many Selkie have some form of proficiency in musical subjects, even if it is only singing the songs.


Myths and Legends

Traditional Instruments

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Newer Music


Selkie-Rock is a musical style originating in the Early 60s, when Rock-Music celebrated its breakthrough in the Free Lands. While early rock bands focused on translations of foreign songs into Selkie, from the Mid-70s onwards, bands like Sinsear (internationally The Progenitors) took off with own compositions and themes, usually focusing on the desperation of the Yard Crisis, which saw its height in 1975 with the Unrest of 1975. As people would later remark, Selkie-Rock provided the soundtrack.

Selkie-Rock focuses on the rhythmic pulse, The Beat, and the technique, both of which make Selkie-Rock still a music to dance to. Topics range all over the spectrum, although politcs are not taboo - in fact, politics became more and more of a topic in times of upheaval, examples being during the Yard Crisis and, in more recent times, during Operation Spartacus. Many Selkie-Rock Bands are either of two or of three members, an example for the former would be Dísréad, an example for the latter .

A subgenre is Selkie Hard RockLeannáin and Móinéar being good and often-quoted representatives. No one knows, why (and many interpretations exist), but somehow, the Schwarzes Kreuz (a decoration of the Teressian Fürstliche Streitkräfte) became an often used symbol and image, sometimes in variations or adaptations. 

Selkie Soft-Rock is a more melodious genre, easy to listen to (thus, soft) and usual topics are "the beauty of the world - and the perversion of that", in the words of the most popular musician of that style, Viola Macnasach of the Tribe of Sligo.

Mórbhileog is an often-quoted example for Selkie-Jazz-Rock-Fusion, keeping the improvisation intact but adding instruments of Rock, taking the harmonies and melodies of both. Songs of this genre are easy to dance to.

Duo Rock

Duo Rock, so called because of the duo performing, usually consist of two guitarists, one of which or both of which can act vocalists. One of these guitarists may be a bass guitarist.

Electronic sequencers and similar equipment are heavily frowned upon.

Trio Rock

Trio Rock is the form of Selkie-Rock with three musicians,


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