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For specific animal species, see List of animal species endemic to the Free Lands For their horse breeds, see Selkie and Horses.

Selkie and pets, much like Selkie and their wildlife, is a story of fame and legend.

One of the most common reminders of the old home to Selkie in Diaspora is, besides the Geansai, their pet or pets. Pets are named.



In Selkie-Culture, the horse has a special role and as work partners, they are held in quite a similar regard then pets, the relations between horsemen and their horses being the closest relations known.



Most pets go through a certain amount


The category of domesticated animals mostly concern those bred and born under the care of humans, either of hobbyists or of professionals,


The category of half-domesticated pets, for example the Star Lynx Ayden or the Sickle Cat Cara, mostly concern animals, that were born in the wild and spent a considerable amount of time in the wild as well, before they were, due to whatever circumstances, taken in by humans. Most involve the mother dying and a human taking them in.

While the animal knows the etiquette and is mostly well-behaved, there's a spark of the wild in the animals in question remaining, a brighter and more violent spark then in the domesticated pets.


Quite a few songs are about the relation between master and pet, or the relations between pets themselves,


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Proverbs, from their important position in the wisdom of the Selkie, also have quite a few entrances about pets and masters and who is who.

Famous pets

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Quite a few pets reached the status of being famous in the Free Lands and amongst the Selkie

Getting a Selkie Pet

A few other species, like for example the Sickle Cat, are quite rare as pets mostly because they aren't bred as such and half-domesticated animals.