Selkie in Diaspora is the name assigned to Selkie moving abroad and staying there. The most often cited number of them is between sixty million and a hundred million people worldwide claiming Selkie-Ancestry with justification.

One of the largest Diasporas is the Kyrenaian-Selkie Community.

Important Communities

Kyrenaian-Selkie Community


Important members

Legal Status


The culture of the Selkie in Diaspora always influenced the Selkie-Culture in one way or the other, for example when it came to smoking. But over time, especially in the larger communities, they blended their own culture with the culture of their hosting nations, creating something new.

Another important part of the communities are their pets, many people having them - "Just like back home" - and many of them are of Animal Species endemic to the Free Lands. The Grey Wolf is one of the most common.

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