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The Service is the mandatory two-year service of every school graduate in Kyrenaia, with some exceptions. The people currently doing the Service are called Servicemen and Servicewomen,


From 1955, women were also drafted.


Exempted from Service

Disabled, pregnant women and those, who already are mothers are exempted from Service.

Offsettable Time

There are very few things, which are Offsettable Time, which shorten or even avoid the Service in its entirety. Generally, though, this works for time already spent in civil services or as part of the Tribute of the Old Academies.

Possibilities for Deployment

Armed Forces

In the Armed Forces, The Armies of the Five Deserts and in The Sultan's Navy, Servicemen are trained for three months of basic training, then get a specialized occupational training for the next four months, for example in driving a tank.

Coast Guard and Police

Young people can also join the Coast Guard or the Police for their service, an example for that would be Prince Damir ibn-Razia. They are then trained in Police Matters for nine months, before then joining active service for the remaining fifteen months, usually employed as Patrol Officers (the Motorcycle Squadrons are a favourite) or within the stations.

The Coast Guard only employs their Servicemen ashore.

Community Service