Commander Shaira Katakut is a pilot of the Sultan's Navy, currently commanding officer of the Air Group aboard the carrier RKN Eanqa, which belongs to Carrier Group 5. She flies a KAF-23 Armala.

She is also a Social Media Person.


Born in 1986 in Kerkouane to a family of businesspeople, Shaira could, from her earliest memories, never imagine anything else then becoming a pilot. If airline or not, if military or not, it did not matter, she wanted to fly. She built model kits (and still does), read aviation newspapers, spent many long hours watching planes at the nearby airport - in short, she was a fanatic.

With her fifteenth birthday, in 2001, her Uncle gifted to her a course to make her license for gliders, which she passed with flying colours. A year later, she got her license for small planes, when classmates of hers were saving up on their driver's licenses.

Upon graduation, in 2004, she was drafted for her Service and served with the 26th Helicopter Brigade of the Megido Desert Division. While Helicopters were interesting for her, Shaira wanted higher, faster, more powerful and decided to join the Sultan's Navy as an aviator.

Being promoted to Sub-Lieutenant in 2008, she underwent training for the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-16 Saqr Multirole Fighter. After that was done, she was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier RKN Nazir in 2010.

From 2015 onwards, Lieutenant Commander Katakut was trained for the Kyrenaian Aircraft Factories KAF-23 Armala Stealth Interceptor, at the time already in pre-production. When the Armala was commissioned three years later, in mid-2018, the first aircraft to fly off of the Eanqa's flight deck as an commissioned aircraft was piloted by her.

Also in 2018, Shaira was promoted to Commander, put in charge of the assembly and training of the flight group of the carrier.

On the 20th of February 2020, Shaira collected her 1,500th flight hour on the Armala.


Shaira is an outgoing woman,

One of her big hobbies is building model kit planes, her collection being almost unrivaled amongst other hobbyists. Her personal pride and joy is the model of a Sinaljanah S-630 Alzawjiu Heavy Fighter Aircraft.

Personal Relations

Crown Prince Ilia ibn-Razia

To her Crown-Prince, Shaira has a

Layla Eahira

Layla is

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