Shaira Talmidha is a student of the University of Megido, who made a foreign semester in 2018/2019 in Camelone and then switched from Olbia to Megido. She is a member of the University's Swimmer Team.


Shaira is the daughter of a good middle-class family from the Kyrenaian city of Olbia, which is famous for its calm and peace. Her father works as a government official in the mayoral office, her mother is a housewife. From early on, Shaira wanted to see the world and 'Know why the things are as they are.'

She had an unassuming career in elementary school, tried for the Haram Girls' Academy and was taken. She joined the History Club there, which seemed to set her future path. After graduation, she made her Service with the 24th Helicopter Brigade of the Utica Desert Division, serving for two years as an air-cavalry woman, which also led to the insight, that military life was nothing for her.

She began her studies of History in her hometown of Olbia in 2014, made her Bachelor in military history (social and technological specialization) in Spring 2018 and is now working on her Master.

To that end, she switched to the University of Megido for the Spring Semester 2019 and joined its Swimmer Team.


Shaira is a diligent, if sometimes a bit lazy student, preferring to spend her time hanging out her friends instead of sitting over tomes of wisdom. To achieve that to maximum effect, she will get done with her homework and assignments quickly. She is a good friend, who likes to swim and who has a sense of music, which basically boils down to "If it makes me dance, then off we go!"

Shaira is single. Upon entering the University of Megido, she joined the Swimmer Team under Princess Fara, prevailed in the try-outs, but has yet to meet the standards of the Team.

Personal Relations

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