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Shajarat Alnakhil is one of the largest and most important Offshore Stations of the Sultan's Navy, a small archipelago of 16 islands.

Frequently, it has been described as Kyrenaia's Pearl Harbour or Scapa Flow. To this day, Shajarat Alnakhil serves as the logistical hub for all operations of the Sultan's Navy and the Armies of the Five Deserts to the West of the Kyrenaian Mainland.


Until 1419, these islands were uninhabited.

The Sultan's Navy

Shortly after the establishment of the Sultan's Navy, the Archipelago acquired a base in 1550, which would, over the years grow in size and scale.

Decolonization Wars


The Shajarat Alnakhil is 5,612 kilometers to the North-West of Surya, a four-day sprint for a nuclear-powered vessel coming from the city. From there, the closest edges of Shikonjima's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) after the 2020 Ferinan-Archipelago Crisis are another 3,500 kilometers to the North-West-North. Between the two points, the 4,598 kilometers long Qarash Undersea Mountain Range stretches from North to South, roundabout in the middle between the two.

The major areas of the former Kyrenaian Colonial Empire are to the south of the Shajarat Alnakhil, most notably Eadhra and the Confederacy of Salamthaluth. Between the Kyrenaian Mainland and the Shajarat Alnakhil, around 3,600 kilometers away from Surya and 2,000 kilometers from the Shajarat Alnakhil, Markaz is situated.


The climate is usually called temperate

Flora and Fauna

Currently stationed units and commands

  • Command, Shajarat Alnakhil: Admiral Azad Saefa.
    • Command, Air Surveillance and Control Sector Shajarat Alnakhil:
    • Command, Coastal Division Naval Base Shajarat Alnakhil:
    • Command, Fleet Ground Forces Shajarat Alnakhil:
    • Command, Logistics Fleet Shajarat Alnakhil:
    • Command, Naval Intelligence Section Shajarat Alnakhil:
    • Command, Fleet Base Shajarat Alnakhil:
    • Command, Submarine Force Shajarat Alnakhil: