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The Sharaf-class Battlecruiser was a class of 12 battlecruisers built in Kyrenaia between 1925 and 1935, in comission until 1965.


First Service Upgrade

- first upgrade in 1943, included upgrade to Alqatat Gunsmiths 330mm Guns.

Second Service Upgrade

Third Service Upgrade


In 1930, the newly comissioned RKN Nazar was involved in the war of independence of Va'a Mamao, bombarding shore positions of the rebels.

1939: Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian.

In 1995, the Sharaf-class Guided Missile Cruiser's first unit, RKN Sharaf, was comissioned.


  • Sharaf (Honour),
  • Arad (Dignity),
  • Hikma (Wisdom),
  • Shaear (Poetry),
  • Alrimaya (Archery), Markaz from 1933, renamed Huriya (Freedom), sunk in 1934 (Battle of the Reef).
  • Qazahia (Swordfighting),
  • Farusia (Horsemanship),
  • Alsayd (Hunt),
  • Balagha (Rhetoric),
  • Dhaka (Intelligence),
  • Nazar (Consideration), Markaz from 1933, renamed Siada (Sovereign), decomissioned in 1979, Museum Ship in Mrsa.
  • Qua (Strength),