The Sharaf-class Guided Missile Cruiser is the pride of the Sultan's Navy and mostly posed as flagships until the introduction of the Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carriers. One of the internationally most known Sharaf-class Guided Missile Cruisers is RKN Nazar. They are the name-successors to the Sharaf-class Battlecruisers. RKN Sharaf was comissioned in 1982.




Service History

- RKN Nazar: Involved in the Va'a Mamao Incident.


  • RKN Sharaf (Honour),
  • RKN Arad (Dignity),
  • RKN Hikma (Wisdom),
  • RKN Shaear (Poetry),
  • RKN Alrimaya (Archery),
  • RKN Qazahia (Swordfighting),
  • RKN Farusia (Horsemanship),
  • RKN Alsayd (Hunt),
  • RKN Balagha (Rhetoric),
  • RKN Dhaka (Intelligence),
  • RKN Nazar (Consideration),
  • RKN Qua (Strength).
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