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Shermin Eijlatan is a Kyrenaian Handmaiden and Chief of the Driver Corps of the Palace of the Azure Hall, as well as Driving Instructor. She can drive anything with wheels, from motorcycles to ATVs to wheeled APCs. Also trained in personal protection, she is one of the leading experts of that field combined with cars.



Impatient, . She loves speed and traveling at high speeds, but she knows, when to and when not to. Her favourite car is the staff car, a Walaea Motorworks W-115 Armoured Limousine, her favourite motorcycle is the Gabha Motorworks G 20.

Her students, including Princess Aurelia, know her as a strict, but fair teacher - and as a good one as well.

Personal Relations

Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Sharing the love for speed, the Handmaiden and the Princess quickly became good acquaintances, Aurelia learning how to drive a motorcycle and an ATV from her. Although Sarina was not too thrilled by the prospect, Aurelia loved the idea and did her best, earning herself respect from the older Handmaiden.