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This list shows all shipclasses, aircraft types and special equipments in service with the Sultan's Navy, Past and Present. The Fleet Ground Forces use much of the equipment of the Army.

Classifications (current)

  • Cruisers:
  • Destroyers: Multi-Purpose Vessels over 7,500 tons
    • Formerly including Torpedo Boat Destroyers (Turbid Zawaraq Almudamira, Identifier TZA)
  • Frigates: Larger, ocean-going escorts
  • Corvettes: Smaller, ocean-going escorts
  • Fast Attack Craft/FAC: ASu-vessels with more then 35 knots of maximum speed

Primary Surface Combatants

Aircraft Carriers


Secondary Surface Combatants




Amphibious Operations Vessels

Amphibious Operations Vessels of the Sultan's Navy usually carry the first names of girls.



Kyrenaian Submarine Doctrine knows a variety of different submarine types.

The Diesel-Electric Submarine, intended for coastal patrols and defense.

The Nuclear Attack Submarine and the Attack Submarine are intended to hunt for enemy submarines, both those armed with ballistic missiles and those without, as well as to escort own fleet forces in defense against enemy submarines.

Fleet Submarines are the largest category of submarines and the fewest there are, mostly because they are to support ground forces, especially special forces, with cruise missiles and means to come and leave without anyone noticing - in the wider sense, they can also provide support for active fleets, as the cruise missile shafts can also fire Anti-Ship Missiles (if the cruise missiles don't have that function installed to begin with).

  • Type 130 Diesel-Electric Submarine.
  • Type 125 Diesel-Electric Submarine.
  • Type 340 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
  • Type 330 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
  • Type 222 Nuclear Fleet Submarine.

Support Vessels

  • Pattern E Oiler.
  • Pattern F Tender.
  • Pattern G Fleet Support Ship.
  • Pattern H Fast Support Ship, multiple uses on the same hull.


Special Ammunition and Equipment

Past Shipclasses

In commission during the Oil War of 1920

In commission during the Decolonization Wars (1923-1965)



Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carrying Cruisers

Light Aircraft Carriers

  • Ahmar-class Light Aircraft Carrier (1923-1945).
  • Akhdir-class Light Aircraft Carrier (1929-1960).
  • Ghadaan-class Escort Carrier (1935-1959).
  • Uwasabri-class Light Aircraft Carrier (1939-1973).
  • Light Aircraft Carrier (1943-1973).
  • Light Aircraft Carrier (1949-1973).
  • Shajaea-class Light Aircraft Carrier (1951-1972, first life).

Cruiser Killers

  • Jalid-class Cruiser (1942-1970).

Heavy Cruisers

Light Cruisers





Support Vessels of Various Kinds

  • Pattern A Fleet Support Ship (1935-1960).
  • Pattern B Fleet Support Ship (1943-1970).
  • Pattern C Fleet Oiler (1943-1970).
  • Pattern D Tender (1946-1975).

Snapshot 1940

Equipment of The Sultan's Navy in 1940
Primary Surface Combatants
Battleships: Aijtihad-class Battleship, Wafa-class Battleship, Yuqiza-class Battleship
Battlecruisers: Sharaf-class Battlecruiser, Oud-class Light Battlecruiser
Fleet Carriers: Almuhafaza-class Aircraft Carrier, Safinayd-class Aircraft Carrier, Eanqa-class Heavy Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrying Cruisers: Easha-class Aircraft Carrying Cruiser
Light Aircraft Carriers: Ahmar-class Light Aircraft Carrier, Akhdir-class Light Aircraft Carrier, Ghadaan-class Escort Carrier, Uwasabri-class Light Aircraft Carrier

Secondary Surface Combatants

Heavy Cruisers:
Light Cruisers:
Destroyers: Pattern 15 (decommissioned, awaiting scrapping), Pattern 16/Najima-class Destroyer (1925-1950), Town-class Destroyer (1932-1969)

Amphibious Operations Vessels

Landing Ship, Headquarters:
Landing Ship, Infantry:
Landing Ship, Infantry, High-Speed:
Landing Ship, Dock:
Landing Ship, Vehicle:


Frigates: Almustawtan-class Frigate (1938-1965)
Corvettes: Pattern J, Zahra-class Corvette (1936-1952)
Torpedo Boats:

Supply and Support Vessels

Mine Warfare Vessels:
Replenishment Oilers:
Hospital Ships:
Depot Ships:
Ammunition Ships:
Other: Pattern A Fleet Support Ship (1935-1960)

Other Equipment

Battleship Artillery: Alqatat Gunsmiths 280mm Gun, Alqatat Gunsmiths 330mm Gun, Alqatat Gunsmiths 406mm Gun
Cruiser Artillery: Rusadir Steelworks RS-16 135mm Gun
Destroyer Artillery: Rusadir Steelworks RS-10 135mm Gun (surplus being used up), Rusadir Steelworks RS-8 57mm Gun
Anti-Aircraft Artillery: Alqatat Gunsmiths 40mm Gun Series, Alqatat Gunsmiths 20mm Gun Series
Rockets: In development
Aircraft: Aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Sultanate in 1940.
Radar: Present and accounted for
Sonar: Present and accounted for

Also see: List of Kyrenaian Pattern Vessels, Fleet Ground Forces
Project 1940: Stucture of the SDF-Navy in 1942, Structure of the Sultan's Navy in 1940, Structure of the Armed Forces of the Principality in 1940, Structure of the Lutetiian Navy in 1942, Structure of the Armed Forces of the Empire of Kupandukira in 1940

In commission during the Reign of Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad (1972-today)

Past Aircraft

Past Special Ammunition and Equipment

For past small arms and past equipment of the Fleet Ground Forces, see Past Equipment of the Armies of the Five Deserts.

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