Shirin Bayd is a Kyrenaian Handmaiden, belonging to the Household of the Ilkhan of Sarepta and lent to the Household of the Ilkhana of Utica with the departure of Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris towards Utica.


Shirin Bayd was born in 1990 near Cerne in a little village, soon moving to Ugarit with her parents and siblings, two brothers. Her first years were mostly uneventful, until she made the test to join the Quayna Girls' Academy.

Passing the tests, she was accepted, being selected for the Tribute in 2003 by the Ilkhan Himself. she liked it and continued her service, continuing her job after graduation. She was in Ugarit, when Prince Mahmut was born in 2005 and when he was sent to Utica in 2009, Amina-Ilkhana made sure, that she would accompany him.

At first, the two didn't get along at all, but when Shirin made Samke Harra (she is very good at those and Luqaimat) for him and her, the two started to function more and more - until she introduced him to the E-Bass.

Somewhere along the lines, she had been established as his Older Sister Figure, with the Older Brother Figure being found in Prince Okan. She also gave him his nickname of Aljara (Puppy), especially after Awwa the Sand Wolf joined the two of them. In 2018, she established Social Network Accounts on Piffle and Setsuzoku.


Shirin is a professional worker on the forefront, but that is only a facade for when she is alone with Prince Mahmut and/or close friends of his. Then, she turns into a caring big-sis-figure, sometimes strict teacher (especially when it comes to music and vocab) and playful partner-in-crime to a rougue and trickster.

She is very proud of her occupation, a smart young woman, and seen as quite attractive, although Mahmut (as little-brother-figure) never had to fend off any suitors.

She loves music and dancing, as well as literature, passions she shares with Mahmut.

Personal Relations

Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris

Prince Mahmut, despite initial difficulties, is her little brother in all but blood and she is his big sis in all but blood. That encompasses all the things a big sis does for her little brother and sometimes more. She was deeply honoured by Amina-Ilkhana selecting her as her son's Personal Handmaiden, but when she and Mahmut finally got along, she pushed that feeling of being honoured aside in favour of being Handmaiden to a good young man.

Prince Okan ibn-Dardan

Being the older sibling figures of Prince Mahmut, the two of them are in frequent contact with each other, to the point, that Mahmut tried to ship them together. Although she said, that she 'tasted the effort put into' the Luqaimat he made during a shared cooking session of the three, she thought, that they were amongst the best she ever tasted.

At some point, she believed, that she was in love with Okan, but she wasn't, instead feeling a bond of deep respect and friendship for the Prince.

Soraya Geal and Princess Gisella Villa of the UIS

Shirin knew Soraya for a long time, and she liked the girl. Although she would not call her an ideal match for Mahmut, she saw how deep their friendship and relation went and she actually fostered it at several points.

If Shirin was honest, however, she would say, that she did not really like Gisella. She would admit, that she was a pretty girl with more then enough in her head, but in the end, she didn't see the spark, that signified lasting love.

In the end, she believed, that Mahmut summed it up best:

"If my head were to choose, it would be Gisella, who would stand by my side. If my heart were to choose, it would be Soraya. I don't know, what I should do..."
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