Siana Deirfiúr of the Tribe of Wexford is a Priestess of Gavida in Áth and the Lake Mór River System. She is also a seamstress and quite the artist with cloth and needle.


Siana was born in 1991 in Áth at the banks of the River Mór, her father a craftsman and her mother a housewife. Almost from the get-go, she and Macha grew up as sisters.

The two of them went through thick and thin together, including the death of Macha's parents (Siana's aunt and uncle, in 2000, as well as the 2007-2008 Winter. They, as part of a patrol of the Younger Militia, nearly got caught up in the Snow-Disaster of Éagann.

Macha and Siana graduated in 2010 and joined the seminaries of their respective Cults, Siana having soon in her life decided, that she would become a Priestess of Gavida. After training, including an apprenticeship as a seamstress, she asked to be placed in Áth, a request, which had been granted, her taking her post on the day of the 2015 Spring Festival.


Siana loves horror-movies and -stories.

Personal Relations

Macha Taibhse of the Tribe of Louth

Siana and Macha are a team - well aware, that her adopted sister loves her, she loves her back with all of her heart.

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