Silvio Esecutore is a Lutetian Businessman and Enforcer of the LCN.

He is also the master and teacher of Aurora Alce, as well as the owner of the yacht Lustro.


Silvio Esecutore was born in Miniera, Lutetii, in 1974. His childhood was influenced by the coup of the Republican Junta in 1976, its rise and, in 1983, its attempt to reconquer Mount Vellenge - the Second Vellenge War , in which the Free Lands and Lutetii almost destroyed each other.

Shortly afterwards, the Lutetian Civil War happened, lasting from 1985 to 1987. In 1986, he and his family had to fight for their survival in the besieged city of Miniera, with him having vivid memories of the artillery bombardments as well as the scars to prove his presence.

The 12 year old boy saw and did things, which were not nice and will not be detailed here, lost his family to marauding soldiers and, one night, tried to steal from the wrong people: A man of the LCN, who pitied him instead of just killing him.

He took him in and saw to it, that Silvio got into a good boarding school and made sure, that the lad would contact him after graduation. Judging by his grades, he was an average student, but he did clash with fellow students on a weekly basis. Further looking into that by his foster father revealed, that he got into fights because his fellow students were rude to girls, the young man rising to their defense.

Graduating in 1992, with 18, he became a conscript for the Navy, where he got to know a young man by the name of Luigi Alce, who, after the disbandment of the military in the same year, joined the Coast Guard.

The two stayed in touch, even after, in 2000, Luigi's daughter Aurora was born.

In 1994, Silvio joined one of the LCN's front companies as an apprentice businessman, soon making a little name for himself. He became an Enforcer in 1999 and got into the circle of Antonio Siggaro in 2009. Siggaro is one of the highest men within the LCN, usually responsible for expansion projects.

In 2010, Luigi died and Silvio got acquainted with his daughter, Aurora, a girl of ten, and arranged for her to be sent to one of the best boarding schools of the country. He also financed her trip and year abroad to Kuronami in 2018, without her knowledge.

In 2019, he was surprised by her approaching her to become his apprentice - he still had her join him, with recommendation of Siggaro, making her an Apprentice-Mafiosa. Officially, she is his apprentice as a businesswoman. Going to Port Ember is basically their first larger job together.


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