The Sionnach-II Armoured Personnel Carrier (or Sio-II for short) is the successor the smaller Sionnach I APC, which has been in service with the SDF-Army since the 1970. It is a completely new development, heavier armed, armoured and suited for all kinds of environments, including arctic tundras, tropical areas and deserts, completely off-road capable, as well as completely amphibious.

The driver sits on the left side, engine besides him, commander and gun controller (or gunner) behind him in an enclosed compartment. A small cupola allows the commander to have a look outside, while the driver has another small, protected cupola with view to the sides and front for high awareness of the situation around him, when he has his head out. Otherwise, the Sio-II is equipped with a series of outer cameras for an all-round view, most of them equipped with night-vision modes.

Behind them, the Sio-II can transport up to ten soldiers, twelve, if they don't mind being cramped up like sardines. Two firing ports on each side (one in the roof, one in the side, akin to an arrowslit) and one in the rear add the firepower of the ones riding along with the Sio-II to the impressive arsenal. With a 40mm automatic grenade launcher and a heavy machine gun, the Sio-II can not only move the infantry into combat, but also support it with fire. The Sio-II offers complete protection against chemical, biological or atomic weaponry, unless the nuclear warhead falls onto the bonnet.

The Sio-II was developed to be easy to maintain, especially the engine and other mechanical parts, while most of the electronic equipment can easily be replaced due to modular integration. With a relatively low consumption of fuel, especially for an APC, the Sio-II has low overall operational costs. Damaged armour elements can easily be replaced in the field, thanks to the modular armour plates (this allows the addition of more armour as well, but we do not recommend that). Due to the medium composite armour, capable of withstanding small-arms fire, HEAT rounds and, to some limited extend, anti-tank missiles, the Sio-II APC has to rely on its low outline and the effect of being harder to spot. The Sio-II only has limited capabilities against low-flying air targets, namely helicopters, but is an excellent support platform for infantry.

Gabha Blacksmiths Limited sells packages of fifteen Sionnach II Armoured Personell Carriers for 30 million NSD.


The Sionnach II was one of the first products created for Gabha Blacksmiths Limited.

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