Snáthaidí Milleadh, released for the international market as The Needles of Milleadh is a 2010 Horror Movie from the Free Lands.

Plot Synopsis


For five years now, the War of the Great Woods rages. The main battlefield between the cities of the Mór-Land and their opponents of the Silver Bay are the Great Woods. The small villages, farmsteads and fortresses between Lake Iasc and the Coill River are fought over bitterly, raided often and sometimes razed to the ground but somehow, they always passed the village of Milleadh, at the foot of the Cloch Mountains.

Raids and attacks went back and forth more frequently than full-scale battles, the militias of the towns and cities being not any better then any band of robbers. Captain Creachaire of the Silverport Militia decides, that Milleadh's time has come. He and his men raid the village, pillage, plunder, burn, do worse... and one of the villagers curses them: The Ghosts of the men, who attacked the peaceful village, would move out of their camp once every full moon in summer, to rape the village, but they would not find it, for its smouldering ruins would soon be forgotten, the husks of houses reuniting with the earth blessed by Rhiannon.

Enraged by the sacrileges committed by the raiders, Carman Fea Herself took the matter into Her own hands, the Goddess of War and Science punishing these men with the curse laid out by the villager.

Present Day

Cocky as cocky teenagers are, a group of five late teens, Raidri, Amy, Gwen, Sarina and their foreign friend Shinji (who hails from Shikonjima), decides to camp out in the Great Woods, despite warnings of basically everyone. On their way in, they meet an old man, a Child of the Great Woods, who informs them cryptically, that the woods are restless.

They blow him and his warning off, go deeper to search for a good campsite. During that, it becomes apparent, that Amy and Gwen have an interest in Shinji, while Raidri has one in Amy, while Sarina desires Gwen. Sarina, however, feels watched and stops multiple times to look around (her companions blame it on her being raised in Kyrenaia, where there are no woods like these).

A summer storm breaks in over them, forcing them to seek refuge in a little cave, soon having to abandon their makeshift camp, as it turns out, that it's the home of a Star Lynx and her cubs.

Out in the rain, the teens don't notice nightfall and stumble through night and rain, deeper into the Great Woods and deeper into danger. The Star Lynx chased them to a point, but then retreats with the tail tucked between the legs, running away from a shadow in the trees.

By midnight, the rain stops, the five campers having found a decent campsite as well. They proceed to set up camp and a campfire. Their jackets kept off most of the rain, but they still change. While Raidri and Amy are off to change, Gwen makes her move on Shinji, even gets a kiss out of him, while Sarina notices, but doesn't intervene.

Raidri returns a short time later, a short talk between Raidri and Shinji begins by the fire while Gwen changes, the two boys tending to the fire... until they hear Gwen scream, running towards her with one of the burning pieces of firewood as a makeshift torch. The young woman, half-undressed, screams until Raidri grabs her by the shoulder. His question as to what it is is answered by Shinji: Amy's leg, detached from her body in a distinctively brutal and animalistic fashion.

Returning to the camp to find a worried Sarina, the four of them decide to keep watch in shifts of twos, the lads first, then the girls. Gwen later confesses to Sarina, that she feels not as bad as she should because of Amy's demise... her competition is now gone. Sarina has to swallow a deep pit in her stomach, trying to comfort Gwen while trying to swallow the disappointment in her feelings for Gwen not being returned. Raidri, who's crush Amy has died, looses it as Shinji tells him of the kiss of Gwen, something he is absolutely confused by.

The girls break the fight up, Raidri throwing Shinji a dark look as he stalks off into the night, Sarina and Gwen staying with Shinji and the camp. Gwen continues to make moves on the foreigner, who struggles for but a moment, but then gives in to her advances (fade to black).

Raidri, on his lonesome, suddenly sees lights in the distance, hears voices of people, he heard horses - peering through the woods, he sees a company of horsemen ride past, an ethereal glow about them, their torches giving off white light and their armour rusty and old. They ride past him, unbothered even as he calls out to them.

Thus shaken out of his funk, the young man returns to camp, only to find it in ruins, but no traces of his friends, neither of them being alive, nor of their demise. However, he is found by a shadow in the trees, which makes him bolt as soon as he finds out... only to stumble across Amy's leg, which had been kept for handing it over to the police. The shadow makes short work of him.

Shinji and Sarina find themselves lost in the Great Woods, which is a scary enough prospect even for professionals, and without anything but the clothes they wear. It is, at that time, that they stumble across a number of ruins, quarrystone foundations, a few remains of iron, but nothing too useful - but very interesting as even animal life seems to avoid the place. Settling into one of the foundations, they decide to rest for the night and to try to find their camp in the morning...

...until a voice makes them jump out of their skins, a little girl's voice, which asks them in a very heavy accent and ancient Selkie, what they are doing. In front of them, a girl of maybe seven stands, an ethereal glow around her, her clothes torn and tattered.

Sarina speaks for both of them as she explains to her, that they were hunted by something, which they did not see, and were now hiding here for their dear lives. They would be gone in the morning. The girl replied, that she did not know, what they were talking about, but that she knew, that they were leading the soldiers to the village. No one else knew of them but her, but the soldiers were coming to kill them all.

As Sarina wanted to protest, Shinji suddenly gurgled, with a spiky appendage suddenly sticking out of his throat. Sarina screams, runs, the shadow on her tail. She runs, until she sees an ethereal glow in the trees, hears men and horses, running towards it, breaking through the foliage into a clearing... only for the shadow to catch her.

A few days later, a group of huntsmen of the Children stumble across the camp's remains, amongst them the man, who warned the teens. "They never listen...", he says, as the movie closes.


Cast, crew, Snáthaidí Milleadh

Major members of cast and crew of Snáthaidí Milleadh reunited later for the shooting of Orcadach's Fiddle. From left: Kaito Pór of the Tribe of Wicklow (Shinji), Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork (Gwen), Fiona Corr of the Tribe of Fermanagh (camera), (Amy), (Sarina), (light effects) - having little to do with Snáthaidí Milleadh, and .

Most of the cast continued to make movies together, amongst others also Orcadach's Fiddle.



The movie was released for Selkie-Cinemas in 2010, with premiere being on the 16th of April, the Day of the historical Rape of Milleadh during the War of the Great Woods.

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