Crew: 7

Length: 27.94 m

Wingspan: 31.65 m

Height: 8.94 m

Wing area: 92.9 m²

Empty weight: 22,650 kg

Max. takeoff weight: 35,240 kg

Maximum speed: 586 km/h

Cruise speed: 333 km/h

Range: 3,540 km

Service ceiling: 6,827 m

Armaments: 3,629 kg of free-fall bombs, depth charges, torpedoes and mines

The Sneachta, the Snowflake, is an old plane, but well maintained, kept and upgraded periodically. It is a valuable addition for the naval surveillance, coast protection and other services provided by the Navy. Phased out in 2018 in favour of the SDY-Sciathan 20 Guairdeall Multi-Purpose Amphibian Aircraft.

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