The Soraya-class Amphibious Assault Ship is the core-provider of Amphibious Warfare Capabilities of the Sultan's Navy, being the main vessel to support the Fleet Ground Forces.



In total, the Soraya-class Amphibious Assault Ship can transport up to 2,000 men of naval infantry and their equipment. A well deck of 110 by 21 meter with a height of 8 meters allows for deployment of troops via landing craft (with the ability to store and operate 9 Pattern 502 Landing Craft), while a vehicle deck allows for the storage and deployment of amphibious assault vehicles of various models. Attached workshops allow for maintenance on the vehicles.

In addition to that, the Soraya-class Amphibious Assault Ship can transport and operate the Pattern B Fast Assault Craft, with the ability to store 20 of the small craft for various purposes.

To support operations, both of war and of MOOTW, the Soraya-class Amphibious Assault Ship has a hospital aboard, with 100 beds and eight operating theaters, plus an overflow-hospital with additional 500 beds (the vehicle deck can be converted into an auxiliary hospital if need arises as well).

Air Group

Eight helicopter landing spots

Type Standard Sea Control ASW Landing Support
KAF-125 Nasir VTOL 8 16 8 12
KAF-222 Bijea-C Transport 8 4 4 8
KAF-222 Bijea-D ASW 12 4 20 4
KAF-210 Midrab Gunship 4 8 0 12
Free slots 4 4 4 0

Total: 36, nine flights of 4 aircraft

Service History


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