Sports in Teressien is a serious matter, 



Fan in full home kit of the National Football Team of Teressien.

Teressien's favourite sport is, without a doubt, football (or soccer).

Although so far without any major wins or tournaments under the belt, Teressians are usually very proud of their National Football Team.

Motor Sport

Air Racing

Adele Falk

Adele Falk in front of her HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 19 Fighter-Bomber.

One of the air racers of highest renown is Adele Falk, who flies a HMW-Flugzeugwerke HMW-FW 19 Fighter-Bomber of 1948 vintage. It is a small scene, with few pilots, but with quite many fans.

Motorcycle Racing

Car Racing

Tank Sport and Sensha-Do

Teressien has a small Tank Sport Scene, which is in competition with the Sensha-Do Scene of the country. Some people plan to raise a Sensha-Do Team by 2021, under sponsorship of the University of Hammacker and HMW.

The University of Hammacker Sensha-Do Team would, according to 2020-Plans, be equipped with Waldkatz Heavy Tanks and A101 Standardpanzers, as well as lighter armored vehicles. A historic fleet of armored vehicles is currently planned as well.


One of the swimming teams with the highest renown in Teressien is the University of Zieselhaven Swimmer Team.


Sportive Marksmanship

Bow, crossbow and similar


Enya Parad

Enya Parad, Sportive Marksmanship Team of the Alexander von Sykane-Gymnasium in Zyng, with her K-2 over her shoulder.

One of the leading rifles in regards to sportive marksmanship is the K-2 Carbine.


Fan Culture

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