Sports in the Free Lands is a major source of

Athletics, like running, jumping and so on, take place, but they don't take a major place in the competitive circles in the Free Lands. The major outlet for sports news in the Free Lands is the Silver Bay Herald Sports Section.

Major sports

See Main Articles: Marcach, Football in the Free Lands, Air Racing in the Free Lands.

University and School Sports


Swimming is one of the most important university and school sports in the Free Lands, 

Amongst the most well-known University Swimmers in the Free Lands is currently Kiah Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan of the University of Fortham.


There are 16 different Events currently practiced, both for men, women and mixed teams.

Mixed teams are usually four swimmers strong, two men and two women, 

Event Men Women


(Teams only)

100 metres freestyle X X

200 metres freestyle

400 metres freestyle X X
800 metres freestyle X X
1500 metres freestyle X X
100 metres backstroke X X
200 metres backstroke X X
100 metres butterfly X X
200 metres butterfly X X
400 metres butterfly X X
4x200 metres relay freestyle X X X
10 km Marathon X X
4x5km Marathon X X X
400 metres obstacle swimming X X
800 metres obstacle swimming X X
4x800 metres obstacle swimming X X X


Orienteering is done both by foot and by horse. Although some races also saw motorcyclists competing, their further participation outside of test runs is unlikely.

School Football and University Football

School Footvolley and University Footvolley

Some schools also play Kyrenaian Footvolley.


Horse Racing

See Main Article: Marcach.


One of the newest trophies is the Riverwood Motorcycle Rallye, one of the stars of the scene being Berkant Bonn of the Tribe of Westmeath.


Sailing in the Free Lands is administered by the Seaman's Guild of Wembury, which knows three size-categories:

Sailing Vessels of the Selkie find their application especially in the latter two categories. Rowing is not held in regard.

Air Racing

See Main Article: Air Racing in the Free Lands.

Tank Sport

Despite a few exhibition matches, the few followers of that sport mostly have to deal with a distinctive lack of Selkie-Teams and contests. One of the few Selkie-Teams is Realincse Fánaígh.

The Naval School has and maintains a Sensha-Do Team, the Naval School Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. the Puisíni, as does the Iris Boarding School Complex with the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. the Coileáin, and the Binn Boarding School Complex with the Binn Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team, a.k.a. the Seabhac. The latter two teams have obligations as parts of the Younger Militias, while the Puisíni are, technically, part of the SDF-Navy and the Regiment of SDF-Navy Troopers.

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