The Squartatore Assault Tank was the mainstay tank of the Gruppo di Attacco di Cavalleria Pesante, the Lutetiian Heavy Cavalry Attack Group, during the Late 20s into the 50s, in specialized roles even into the 70s. It was designed as an infantry support weapon, both on dry land and in case of amphibious operations, a tradition, which would be taken up by the Trattino Light Tank.

The development and deployment of the Squartatore urged the SDF-Army to invest into new AT-Weapons, like the Gabha G-18 47mm Anti-Tank Gun in 1930 and from 1944 the Gabha G-80 76mm Gun, while in Kyrenaia, the Armies of the Five Deserts commissioned the Ramah Cruiser Tank not only as a response to the Squartatore in 1935, but also as a general competitor, including on the export market.

The Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team maintains one Squartatore as part of their Historical Fleet.



Model Main Armament Secondary Armament Year introduced Role Notes
Modello 1 Modello di artiglieria di fanteria del 1915 (50mm Infantry Support Gun) 1928 Infantry Support Tank
Modello 2 Modello di artiglieria di fanteria del 1928 (75mm Infantry Support Gun) 1930 Infantry Support Tank
Modello 3 Modello di artiglieria di fanteria del 1938 (75mm Infantry Support Gun) 1941 Infantry Support Tank
VIC None None 1945 Armoured Engineer Vehicle
Affusto Modello di obice leggero del 1904 (105mm Field Howitzer) 1946 Gun Carrier
L One Flamethrower 1936 Flamethrower Tank
SDP None None 1953 Bridgelayer

Service History

In Lutetii

Decolonization Wars

As a Museum Piece

With the Iris Boarding School Complex Sensha-Do Team

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