Sról is the Grey Wolf belonging to Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, her steady and loyal companion and pet through much of her life.


As he was almost a newborn pup, born on a farm near Silverport, the farm was visited by a widow and her half-orphaned child, Nora and Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork in search for an animal to keep the latter company during the business-related absence of the former and also to have a steady companion to herself, a protector.

They were introduced to a litter of cubs of Grey Wolves, Gwen being allowed to help with the feeding of whichever of the cubs approached her as her mother talked to the father. Gwen was quite suddenly approached by a cub, even before she got the milk bottle, who sat down in her lap. That lad was later adopted by the Cathlongs, rising up to become Sról, the protector, brother and companion of the girl growing up.

At first, the farmer didn't want to sell the "weak little pup", but Nora insisted and Gwen did, too - so, he became a Cathlong.

After initial starting problems, the two of them grew closer and closer together, the pup accompanying her to school and waiting in front of the gates until school was over, being educated in the ways of being a Selkie Pet, becoming Gwen's protector and companion.

She tried to educate him to sleep on his collection of blankets on the floor of her room, but even as a puppy, he preferred sharing a bed with her - maybe sensing her grief for her lost father, maybe sensing the comfort he gave her. What began as an exception became the rule.

He accompanied her on her first business trips, to university, was there to discourage the first men hitting on Gwen during business dinners at Dragan House, much to the amusement of the Lady of the House and her daughter. As she grew older, he let her deter them whenever she could, backing her up whenever possible.

For some at Silverport Dockyards Limited, he is a mascot of Yard 15 as he accompanies Gwen to work and back, even proposing a coat of arms showing a stylized Grey Wolf as a joke, presenting it to Gwen to her jubilee as head of Yard 15.

He was quite admired by many of Gwen's friends, especially Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan, Gwen's best friend and, for a time, girlfriend, before the two of them broke up and remained sisters in all but blood. To her pet, the Curly Mountain Fox Sio, Sról has a tight and very friendly relationship, a friendship matter of many songs amongst the singers of the Selkie (for example The Fox and the Wolf by Caja Glór of the Tribe of Laois).

Wounded, hurt and ill several times during their times together, they always stayed at each others' sides during these times.


Sról is a fiercely loyal Grey Wolf, loyal to both Gwen and, to some extend, her mother, as evidenced by him staying by her side most of the time during her second pregnancy. It is very much possible, that he was the first one to see, or rather smell, the pregnancy. As a trained protection animal, he can also hold his own in fighting, a terror to all, who try something funny.

He can, and mostly is, however, a big oversized puppy. He hates to be petted by people he doesn't know the smell of.

In order to scare bothersome men of, Gwen tells them, that Sról likes to eat scrotal sacks, which is true to some extend - just not human scrotal sacks.

Personal Relations

Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork

Sról is, as Gwen herself says, one of the very few men to share her bed in more ways then just sleeping in her bed at night. Snuggling is par of the course whenever those two are together in bed.

Due to the bond the two of them share,

Sról, as Gwen says, was the first boy she kissed.

Nora Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork

To Gwen's mother, Sról is loyal to a fault, protecting her whenever the need arises. He stayed with her during her second pregnancy, mourning with her as it failed.

It was Nora, who, with mesmerized eyes and smiling for the first time in months, bought the young Sról from the farmer, despite his protests. The two of them share a close bond, not as close as Gwen and Sról, but still pretty tight.


Sról and the pet of Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan are very much like their mistresses, closer to siblings then to members of different species, having had the odd adventure themselves - one of which managed to get into the TV-show Marla.

Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan

With Sio's Mistress, Sról is on very friendly terms, holding her in similar high regard then Nora, but a little bit different. Whenever Fiona and Gwen slept in the same bed, both Sio and Sról weren't far away, sometimes snuggling into the 'wrong' mistress on purpose.

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