Star Lynx

A Star Lynx.

The Star Lynx, Realincse in Selkie, is an animal species endemic to the Free Lands and a feline mostly living in the Great Woods.


The Star Lynx is one of the largest and proudest predators in the Free Lands, a mighty creature rarely seen outside the depths of the Great Woods. Seeing one takes great skill and luck, hunting one with success even more and rarely outside of myth people heard about one being caught.

Most Selkie have fond memories of the large predators as the children's TV-show Marla had the wise Stuama, an old Star Lynx and supporter of the titular character.

Unless provoked or hungry, the Star Lynx is a peaceful animal with a fierce protective instinct for its younglings, acting harshly on the smallest provocation or wrong step. It's sense for family goes so far, that scientists watched the next oldest female take over the family's lead when the mother died. A proverb says, that all good mothers and sisters have a Star Lynx's heart beating in their chests.

While the males usually prefer solitude and only come to mate, the females stay in groups of three to five females and the not-yet adult male children of the mother. Such families are a far more common sight, but still rare and rarer. Females can be identified by their softer faces or by looking under their belly.

Due to their rareness, the fur of the Star Lynx is seen as a sign of great skill as a hunter and, if gifted to another person, admiration.



Notable Specimens

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