The State Visit of King Yoshio of Ru to Kyrenaia is an RP, in which the Ruvian Monarch Yoshio visits the Sultanate of Kyrenaia.

It is also known as A Young King and an Old Sultana, which went online on the 23rd of July 2018, IC.


- Tsengai-Crisis.


Day 1

Guest list for the Ball

Day 2

  • Morning: Visit of the Lioness' Great Temple in Utica.
  • Midday: Lunch at the Al'Arz (0 stars, but many recommendations).
  • Afternoon: Spent on the Horseman Grounds of the TBA and HGA Horseman Teams OR with the HGA's Swimmer Team.
  • Evening: Livestream of the Space Grand Strategy Game To the Stars for a fundraiser.

Day 3

  • Morning: Visit to the Permanent Exhibition of the Utica Historical Museum.
  • Midday: Lunch with the Ruvian Expat Community in Kyrenaia.
  • Afternoon: Spent with the Ruvian Expats.
  • Evening: Farewells.


Important Characters involved

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