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The State Visit of Prince Damir to the Empire of Astares Amauricanum was a five-day state visit of a diplomatic delegation led by Prince Damir ibn-Razia to the Empire of Astares Amauricanum. The visit's vehicle was the Aurelia.

The RP is also known as A Meeting under Moon and Stars and can be found here.

Background: The Empire and the Sultanate



Time Planned Activity Notes
Day 1, Evening Air Show over the Aurelia, then dinner
Day 2, Morning Arrival of the Aurelia, Travel to the Silver Palace, Formal Welcome, Troop Review, Gift Exchange
Day 2, Afternoon Free Time After threats had been made on the lives of members of the delegation, the Kyrenaian Delegation used the chance to Re-Certify its civilian members in firearm usage
Day 3, Morning Visit to Columbia District and Sight Seeing
Day 3, Midday Lunch at the Eagle's Tavern
Day 3, Evening Transfer to Pertingen Castle
Day 4 Hiking spiced up with local folk tales
Day 4, Evening Sportive events, dinner
Day 5 Trip back to Columbia District, farewells


In the evening of the first day, with the Idolon alongside, Prince Damir hosted the Emperor of Astares Amauricanum, his wife and several nobles of the Empire for a Diplomatic Dinner. After sharing water, the Tuqasimiah, small discussions evolved, which were abruptly ended when news made the rounds, that an assassination attempt aimed at Prince Damir and Princess Aurelia had be thwarted. The would-be assassins, drawing upon the rumours of the two being in an incestuous relationship, aimed to punish the two in the name of their highest deity as incest was a sin in their eyes.

Shortly after, the group convened for the three course dinner, composed of:

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