This is the current structure of the Armed Forces of the Principality, in effect since 2010. As the main mission of the Armed Forces is to defend the country, provide humanitarian aid and administrative assistance to the Küstenwache, the entire Armed Forces are based on that thought.

While they can mount humanitarian missions on their own, they can not mount military interventions in any foreign country on their own. Fürst Alrich III. and Admiral Naya Findehoof, as supreme commander and highest soldier respectively, don't see the role of the armed forces in that function either, abhorring interventionism.

For equipment, see Past and present equipment of the Fürstliche Streitkräfte.

Oberkommandostab der Fürstlichen Streitkräfte (OKDSFS)

The Oberkommandostab der Fürstlichen Streitkräfte is the 

Current head of the OKDSFS is Admiral Naya Findehoof, with her Chief of Staff being


The Administrativkommando, Administrative Command, is the administrative arm of the Armed Forces and responsible for all 

Placed under its command are seven main 'fingers':

  • Military Intelligence.
  • The Ausrüstungsamt, responsible for the equipment, procurement, testing, development, repairs and all belonging to it.
  • Military Educational Service, including the Officer Academy and the Office for Cooperation with Civilian Educational Institutes. The Museum of the Armed Forces belongs to this Service as well.
  • Military Pastoring Office.
  • Military Health Service.
  • Military Police, including military courts.
  • Military Sports Section.
  • Fürstliche Garde/Princely Guard.


The Truppenkommando heads the actual troops of the Armed Forces. The Head of the OKDSFS, currently Admiral Naya Findehoof, is usually the head of the Truppenkommando.

Schnelle Gruppe

Schnelle Gruppe

  • Commander: 
  • Flagship: FFS Schwarzsteyn.
  • Homeport: Kriegshaven Dorch
  • Schwarzsteyn-Geschwader
  • 1. Fregattengeschwader
  • 2. Fregattengeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Schnelle Gruppe
  • Landungstruppe

Gruppenkommando Schnelle Gruppe Schatten

The Schatten are the commando special forces of the Fürstlichen Streitkräfte, 

Territorialkommando Großkleckserl

Territorialkommando Feuerbergkette

Territorialkommando Südhaininseln

Kommando der Küstenverteidigung

Gruppenkommando Großkleckserl

Kriegshaven Dorch
  • 3. Fregattengeschwader
  • 1. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 10. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 11. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Dorch
Kriegshaven Birktopia
  • 2. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 12. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Birktopia
Kriegshaven Elms
  • 3. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 8. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 13. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Elms

Gruppenkommando Feuerbergkette

Kriegshaven Sykane
  • 4. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 9. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 14. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Sykane

Gruppenkommando Südhaininseln

Kriegshaven Barschenberg
  • 4. Fregattengeschwader
  • 5. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 7. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 15. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Barschenberg
Kriegshaven Bad Bannersback
  • 5. Fregattengeschwader
  • 6. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • 16. Schnellbootgeschwader
  • Convoistaffel Bad Bannersback

Gruppenkommando Logistik

  • Traingeschwader
  • Bergungsstaffel

Kommando der Luftverteidigung

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