Above all stands the High Command of the Armies of the Five Deserts, head of it currently being Princess Rasha bint-Razia. This structure is not when mobilized. Brigade Structures of the Armies of the Five Deserts contains the structures of the Brigades of the Army.

General Command

Utica Desert Division

1st Armoured Brigade
2nd Mechanized Brigade
24th Helicopter Brigade
50th Army Air Brigade
69th Helicopter Brigade
100th Light Army Aviation Brigade
Utica Artillery Bataillon
15th Mechanized Brigade
16th Mechanized Brigade
40th Mechanized Brigade
30th Helicopter Brigade
39th Helicopter Brigade
45th Artillery Brigade
51st Army Air Brigade
75th Mechanized Brigade
76th Mechanized Brigade

Sarepta Desert Division

3rd Mechanized Brigade
25th Helicopter Brigade
52nd Army Air Brigade
68th Helicopter Brigade
71st Armoured Brigade
101st Light Army Aviation Brigade
Sarepta Artillery Bataillon
5th Armoured Brigade
18th Mechanized Brigade
41st Mechanized Brigade
31st Helicopter Brigade
38th Helicopter Brigade
46th Artillery Brigade
53rd Army Air Brigade
77th Mechanized Brigade
78th Mechanized Brigade

Megido Desert Division

6th Armoured Brigade
7th Mechanized Brigade
26th Helicopter Brigade
54th Army Air Brigade
67th Helicopter Brigade
102nd Light Army Aviation Brigade
Megido Artillery Bataillon
14th Mechanized Brigade
17th Mechanized Brigade
42nd Mechanized Brigade
32nd Helicopter Brigade
37th Helicopter Brigade
47th Artillery Brigade
55th Army Air Brigade
79th Mechanized Brigade
80th Mechanized Brigade

Kyrene Desert Division

8th Mechanized Brigade
9th Armoured Brigade
27th Helicopter Brigade
66th Helicopter Brigade
73rd Armoured Brigade
103rd Light Army Aviation Brigade
Kyrene Artillery Bataillon
13th Mechanized Brigade
19th Mechanized Brigade
43rd Mechanized Brigade
33rd Helicopter Brigade
36th Helicopter Brigade
48th Artillery Brigade
57th Army Air Brigade
81st Mechanized Brigade
82nd Mechanized Brigade

Fenchu Desert Division

10th Mechanized Brigade
11th Mechanized Brigade
28th Helicopter Brigade
65th Helicopter Brigade
74th Armoured Brigade
104th Light Army Aviation Brigade
Fenchu Artillery Bataillon
12th Armoured Brigade
20th Mechanized Brigade
44th Mechanized Brigade
34th Helicopter Brigade
35th Helicopter Brigade
49th Artillery Brigade
59th Army Air Brigade
83rd Mechanized Brigade
84th Mechanized Brigade

Special Forces

Airmobile Unit 1
21st Airborne Brigade
22nd Airborne Brigade
23rd Airborne Brigade
Light Division
60th Light Brigade
98th Light Brigade
99th Light Brigade
Quick Response Force 1
29th Helicopter Brigade
62nd Helicopter Brigade
63rd Helicopter Brigade
64th Helicopter Brigade
Quick Response Force 2
61st Helicopter Brigade
72nd Armoured Brigade
70th Mechanized Brigade
4th Mechanized Brigade
58th Army Air Brigade
56th Army Air Brigade
105th Light Army Aviation Brigade
106th Light Army Aviation Brigade
107th Light Army Aviation Brigade
Handschar Bataillon
Strategic Missile Force

Army Air Command

1st Fighter Wing
2nd Fighter Wing
3rd Long-Range Fighter Wing
4th Fighter Wing
5th Fighter Wing
17th Long-Range Fighter Wing
18th Fighter Wing
19th Fighter Wing
20th Fighter Wing
31st Fighter Wing
32nd Long-Range Fighter Wing
33rd Fighter Wing
34th Fighter Wing
35th Fighter Wing
36th Long-Range Fighter Wing
37th Long-Range Fighter Wing
38th Long-Range Fighter Wing
39th Long-Range Fighter Wing
40th Long-Range Fighter Wing
85th Fighter Wing
86th Fighter Wing
87th Fighter Wing
88th Fighter Wing
89th Fighter Wing
90th Interceptor Wing
91st Interceptor Wing
92nd Interceptor Wing
93rd Interceptor Wing
94th Interceptor Wing
95th Interceptor Wing
96th Interceptor Wing
97th Interceptor Wing
6th Bomber Wing
7th Bomber Wing
22nd Bomber Wing
23rd Bomber Wing
24th Bomber Wing
45th Bomber Wing
46th Bomber Wing
47th Bomber Wing
48th Bomber Wing
49th Bomber Wing
108th Light Army Aviation Brigade
109th Light Army Aviation Brigade
8th Reconnaissance Wing
21st Reconnaissance Wing
41st Reconnaissance Wing
42nd Reconnaissance Wing
43rd Reconnaissance Wing
44th Reconnaissance Wing
9th Air Defense Missile Wing
10th Air Defense Missile Wing
11th Air Defense Missile Wing
12th Air Defense Missile Wing
13th Air Defense Missile Wing
25th Air Defense Missile Wing
26th Air Defense Missile Wing
27th Air Defense Missile Wing
28th Air Defense Missile Wing
29th Air Defense Missile Wing
45th Air Defense Missile Wing
46th Air Defense Missile Wing
47th Air Defense Missile Wing
48th Air Defense Missile Wing
49th Air Defense Missile Wing
14th Air Transport Wing
15th Air Transport Wing
16th Air Transport Wing
30th Air Transport Wing
50th Air Transport Wing
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