The SDF-Navy, the naval arm of the Strategic Defence Force, has a clear and present command structure, headed by SDF-Navy Fleet Administration, the highest command and control level of the SDF-Navy. See also: Structure of the SDF-Navy in 1942.






Patrol Vessels

Fast Attack Craft


Fleet Oilers

Transport Vessels

Mine Warfare Vessels



Ammunition and other important equipment



Fleet Command (Vice-Admiral Amy Curadh of the Tribe of Wicklow)
Naval Station Leuda
1st Patrol Gunboat Squadron
2nd Fast Gunboat Squadron
Naval Station Silverport
Naval Research Group
7th Fast Gunboat Squadron - FAC Testing Force
Naval Station Traverse
6th Patrol Gunboat Squadron
13th Fast Gunboat Squadron
19th Patrol Gunboat Squadron
2nd Corvette Squadron
Naval Station Launceston
4th Patrol Gunboat Squadron
21st Fast Gunboat Squadron
Naval Station Scilly (Commodore Gavin Seol of the Tribe of Sligo)
1st Corvette Squadron
3rd Patrol Gunboat Squadron
11th Fast Gunboat Squadron
Nead Foiche Group
Naval Station Tipa
12th Fast Gunboat Squadron
20th Patrol Gunboat Squadron
1st Submarine Squadron
Naval Station Wembury (Commodore Gwen Ard of the Tribe of Tipperary)
1st Frigate Squadron
2nd Frigate Squadron
1st Cruiser Squadron
5th Patrol Gunboat Squadron
15th Fast Gunboat Squadron
16th Patrol Gunboat Squadron
23rd Patrol Gunboat Squadron
4th Corvette Squadron
Oiler Group 1
Oiler Group 2
Mobile Amphibious Squadron
Naval Station Dumhach
1st Fast Gunboat Squadron
Naval Station Rua
22nd Fast Gunboat Squadron
Mine Warfare Command
1st Mining Squadron
2nd Mining Squadron
SDFS Waari, SDFS Aingeal, SDFS Mhairi, SDFS Eileen, SDFS Layla and SDFS Alaina (Waari-class Minesweepers).
3rd Mining Squadron
4th Mining Squadron
Naval Aviation Command
Fleet Support Command
Regiment of SDF-Navy Troopers (Mona's Boys)
Naval School
Naval Technical Support Service
Naval Yard Launceston
Naval Yard Silverport
Naval Yard Scilly

Dissolved as of 4th of Octobre 2018

24th Fast Gunboat Squadron (Leuda), 17th and 18th Fast Gunboat Squadrons (Traverse), 8th Fast Gunboat Squadron and 9th Patrol Gunboat Squadron (Launceston), 3rd Corvette Squadron and 10th Patrol Gunboat Squadron (Scilly), 9th Corvette Squadron and Oiler Group 3 (Wembury), 22nd Fast Gunboat Squadron (moved from Tipa to Rua)

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