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Bases and Shore Installations

Naval District West

Naval Base Ibossim
Naval Base Meninx
Naval Base Pitane
Naval Base Cossyra
Naval Base Surya

Naval District Central

Naval Base Callista
Naval Base Acra
Naval Base Rusadir
Naval Base Motya
Naval Base Malaca

Northern Naval District

Naval Base Baalbek
Naval Base Abdera
Naval Base Arwad

Inland Naval District

Naval Base Utica
Mtarfa Naval Arsenal
Research and Development Mtarfa Naval Arsenal

Naval Air Bases

Offshore Stations

Shajarat Alnakhil.

Carrier Groups

  • Carrier Group 1, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 2, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 3, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 4, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 5, Homeported in Surya.
  • Carrier Group 6, Homeported in Surya.
  • Carrier Group 7, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 8, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 9, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 10, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 11, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 12, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 13, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 14, Homeported in .
  • Carrier Group 15, Homeported in .

Fleet Groups

  • Fleet Group Sharaf, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Arad, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Hikma, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Shaear, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Alrimaya, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Qazahia, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Farusia, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Alsayd, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Balagha, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Dhaka, Homeported in
  • Fleet Group Nazar, Homeported in Arwad.
  • Fleet Group Qua, Homeported in

Coastal Defense Forces

  • 1st Coastal Division.
  • 2nd Coastal Division.
  • 3rd Coastal Division.
  • 4th Coastal Division.
  • 5th Coastal Division.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Ibossim.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Meninx.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Pitane.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Cossyra.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Surya.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Callista.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Acra.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Rusadir.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Motya.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Malaca.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Baalbek.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Abdera.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Arwad.
  • Coastal Division Naval Base Shajarat Alnakhil.

Escort Forces

  • 1st Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Sharaf.
  • 2nd Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Arad.
  • 3rd Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Hikma.
  • 4th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Shaear.
  • 5th Destroyer Division: RKN Caralis, RKN Cerne and RKN Balsa (Malaca-class Destroyers), assigned to Fleet Group Nazar.
  • 6th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Alrimaya.
  • 7th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Farusia.
  • 8th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Alsayd.
  • 9th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Balagha.
  • 10th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Dhaka.
  • 11th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Qua.
  • 12th Destroyer Division, assigned to Fleet Group Qazahia.
  • 13th Destroyer Division.
  • 14th Destroyer Division.
  • 15th Destroyer Division.
  • 16th Destroyer Division.
  • 17th Destroyer Division.
  • 18th Destroyer Division.
  • 19th Destroyer Division.
  • 20th Destroyer Division.
  • 1st Frigate Division.
  • 2nd Frigate Division.
  • 3rd Frigate Division.
  • 4th Frigate Division.
  • 5th Frigate Division.
  • 6th Frigate Division.
  • 7th Frigate Division.
  • 8th Frigate Division.
  • 9th Frigate Division.
  • 10th Frigate Division.
  • 11th Frigate Division.
  • 12th Frigate Division.
  • 13th Frigate Division.
  • 14th Frigate Division.
  • 15th Frigate Division.
  • 16th Frigate Division.
  • 17th Frigate Division.
  • 18th Frigate Division.
  • 19th Frigate Division.
  • 20th Frigate Division.
  • 21st Frigate Division.
  • 22nd Frigate Division.
  • 23rd Frigate Division.
  • 24th Frigate Division.
  • 25th Frigate Division.
  • 26th Frigate Division.
  • 27th Frigate Division.
  • 28th Frigate Division.
  • 29th Frigate Division.
  • 30th Frigate Division.

Foreign Naval Stations

Naval Air Force

Fleet Ground Forces

Submarine Forces

Support Vessel Command

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